Standard Bank Incubator programme email communications open rate increases
by 14.7% above the industry average.

About the client:

Standard Bank Incubator

The Standard Bank Incubator was launched with one core mandate: accelerate the growth and success of start-ups and early stage companies. Since its launch, the incubator has gone beyond its core mandate to provide a platform for companies to be mentored, trained as well as supported with business development backing. In addition, Standard Bank is in a position to assist incubated entrepreneurs with access to funding that would be difficult to secure without proven products and services.

The Problem

The Standard Bank Incubator has partnered with Maverick Mind to assist in using cutting-edge technology to manage the incubator programme’s communications with its stakeholders. The requirements were to introduce and
implement the following: content management, database management, Bulk Email Template Design, reporting and implementing the deployment of mass email communication. Prior to Maverick Mind’s intervention, the client had been utilising Outlook and was unable to accumulate key data, such as measuring the success
of their communications.

The Standard Bank Incubator required a system that would increase the reach of their communications, as well as measure the delivery rates, open rates and read rates of all their media. Maverick Mind was further tasked with crafting email templates for event communications and was required to utilise a mass email communication system to deploy all communications.

The Solution

Maverick Mind offered The Standard Bank Incubator a multi-pronged solution. This solution involved providing the client access to an advanced bulk mailing system, Maverick Mail. Maverick Mail is a system that is cloud-based and rich in analytics. Maverick Mind further created content strategies for the planning of all the event communications.

The Maverick Mind team developed a monthly content plan that would both streamline and manage the efficient flow of the bulk communications. The team also scheduled template design timelines to deliver the designs timeously. In addition, they developed and designed HTML-based email templates for the various events. These template designs were mobile responsive and were accompanied by the implementation of an RSVP system to manage bookings for the events.

Standard Bank Icubator HTML-based email templates

The Results

The Incubator commenced deploying mass email communications to its database from July 2016. Maverick Mind began benchmarking metrics like open rates, click through rates and list interaction rates against industry averages. From the onset, it was clear that the metrics for the Incubator far exceeded the industry average.

For Masters & Mentors, the inaugural event, the results were as follows:

Maverick Mind accomplished the client’s request by providing in-depth strategies for the Standard Bank Incubator Events. Using advanced tools such as Maverick Mail, as well as creating practical content strategies, Maverick Mind achieved all the objectives and more. The result? A multi-pronged approach which led to phenomenal outcomes which exceeded industry benchmarks – a win for Standard Bank Incubator and a win for Maverick Mind.