SAMRO organizes highly successful Wawela awards using Maverick Mind
developed browser based app

About the Client

The Wawela Music Awards make it their aim to recognise and award SAMRO members- composers, authors, lyricists and publishers – who have lit up international and local stages, screens and airwaves with their dazzling talent. The awards are a gesture from SAMRO to thank South African creative trailblazers. These awards
celebrate the accomplishments of South African music creators’, both on the international and local stage over a particular period.

The Challenage

The Southern Africa Music Rights Organisation (SAMRO), which organizes and hosts the Wawela Awards approached Maverick Mind to build a state of the art website. SAMRO further tasked Maverick Mind with developing an advanced browser based entry submission portal, as well as an awards judging application. The application would have to be a one of a kind, enabling artists to create unique profiles within the application, as well as submit audio and video music entries.

Through the application, adjudicators would also be able to judge the artists’ entries remotely. The judges would accomplish this by creating their own judging profiles: these profiles would then be associated with a judges panel that would judge a specific awards category. Part of the requirement for the application was to allow for multiple voting stages, to select both nominees and category winners.

The Solution

In order to design and build the Wawela Awards Browser Based app, the Maverick Mind team spec’d out the required functionality of the app. This was done in order to exceed the client’s expectation. The technology utilised to build the app was Java, JavaScript, Python, Node.js, HTML and CSS. Using the above programming languages, the Maverick Mind team developed modular app components, comprising of: a Profile Creator, Judges Manager, Categories Manager, Voting Panels Manager, Voting Stage Manager as well as reports component.

Utilising the Google Developer Cloud platform, the Maverick Mind Team was able to manage the app’s database. This platform also enabled the team to scale the database as needed, during the entire music entries process. The team also developed a website to accompany the app; this website was built in java, using Hippo CMS, an Enterprise Java content management system.

The Results

The Wawela Awards Entries App successfully processed music and video entries during the 2016 awards submission process.

A grand total of 1209 music files were submitted, across 9 different awards categories, by artists during the entries process. The application contributed to the overwhelming success of the awards, forging a much richer user experience. It further introduced a more advanced platform for artists to submit entries for award consideration.