IAB South Africa announces maverick Philani Mdingi as Bookmarks Awards judge in the Publisher panel - Maverick Mind

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Maverick Mind Celebrates Appointment of Founder 

Philani Mdingi

Johannesburg, South Africa – Maverick Mind, a pioneering creative digital agency in South Africa, announced today the appointment of their Director of Digital Philani Mdingi as a Bookmarks Awards judge. Mdingi has been at the forefront of the ever-evolving digital industry for the last decade and boasts an impressive array of experience. Maverick Mind’s statement was preceded by the IAB SA’s own formal announcement.

Mdingi, digital strategist and media aficionado, enthralled by the announcement, comments, “I am judging the Bookmark’s for the second time now and it is always a good experience. I relish the opportunity to add my expertise in selecting some of the best in the industry. This year I will be in the publisher judges panel and having been a judge at the Pica awards, being in this panel is an exciting prospect.”

The Bookmarks Awards are renowned for celebrating a rich diversity of creativity and innovation across the digital spectrum, evidenced by the high calibre of judges.  Mdingi is no stranger to the judging process, as he was also selected to adjudicate the prestigious Pica Awards. Though the Pica awards focus solely on the publishing industry, both the Bookmark’s and the Pica’s reflect the high standards of industry excellence. Of this Mdingi states, “The industry is evolving quite fast, and new innovations are taking place in the digital space. Media houses have had to join the revolution. In this year’s Bookmark’s, I am looking forward to seeing how publications, especially news publications that have print titles, are monetizing their websites as circulation of print titles continues to decline.”

Second time judge, Mdingi will be one of the many formidable heavyweights in the Bookmarks publishing category. Having a strong background in marketing and digital strategy, Mdingi has trailblazed a plethora of projects as the Digital Strategy Director of Maverick Mind. “As an agency part of our business ethos is to be actively involved in industry associations. In my personal capacity, I involve myself quite a lot in the industry and keep up to date with what’s happening within.” Mdingi says, “So being chosen serves as testament to our efforts to keep abreast and involved within the industry.”

The annual Bookmarks Awards will take place at the beginning of 2017.

ABOUT MAVERICK MIND: Maverick Mind is a strategy-led digital agency that prides itself in being at the forefront of the digital revolution in Southern Africa. Maverick specialises in a wide range of integrated services from marketing and content strategy to digital sponsorship and online PR. With a flair for customer-centric solutions, and an immense passion for tech, Maverick Mind uses collaboration to create social business solutions around the continent.

Sources: IAB South Africa

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