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What does marketing mean to you and your business?
Every business needs to have a marketing strategy, whether it is the traditional model of marketing or online marketing, you can’t push it aside like an ugly baby or your mother in-law, fact is you should be making it a priority as it can determine the success or failure of your business. But I would put my money on online marketing and here’s why.
Traditional marketing is a model that worked and to a certain extent still works but it is expensive and though it is not dead yet, people aren’t exactly rushing out in numbers to check out traditional marketing campaigns, but instead they are consuming information digitally, as they interact with friends and family on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and studies show that the time people spend online influences their spending decisions, as they also take the time to research products, businesses and services. So doing your marketing online, means you get to offer a personalised service to your clients as it is the most direct way of building relationships with your clients and establishing trust.
Now as a businessman, isn’t it time you took your business to the people? Considering that there is the potential to grow the reach of your business beyond the borders, at a fraction of the cost?
How do you execute your online marketing strategy?

My first advice would be for you to get a professional to handle all your marketing, because they are experts in the field and will know what works and what doesn’t, thus giving you all the time to focus on other aspects of the business.
• Getting a website domain for your business would be the number one step, e.g. or any name that is easy to remember and represents your business. Many people assume it is expensive to have a website and then choose to overlook it as an unnecessary luxury, but it is more of a necessity than a luxury, because having a website makes it easy for people to search and find your business online. Your website is your online brand identity and that is where you get the opportunity to tell your brand story.
• Social media integration – the aim of online marketing is to advertise your business online so why not start with your Facebook friends, Twitter followers, and share with them as you slowly build your business online presence. Using social media is inexpensive and can have a wider reach than the traditional model of marketing. Using social media can help you target your specific clientele in a precise way.
• E-mail marketing – with email marketing you are able to save on cost, as it is affordable as compared to the traditional model, it also is the most direct way to guarantee sales conversions. So if your email marketing campaign is properly executed, you can guarantee success, you do this by ensuring that in your email communication you give your clients useful information that will be to their benefit. One of the good things about email marketing is if your clients are impressed with your campaign, they can forward it to their friends or share it on their social media pages, that is why you have to pull out all the stops with it.

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