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Global Entrepreneurship Week is always an exciting time for entrepreneurs all over the world. It is a time for reflection, taking stock and very importantly, learning from other entrepreneurs. For me, the 2014 Global Entrepreneurship Week has been a time of introspection and asking hard questions: the biggest question of them all is Maverick Mind’s existence as a business; What value are we adding to society?

My business partner and I, recently met with Pepe Marais, Chief Creative Officer and co-founder of Joe Public – South Africa’s largest independent communications group. It is no secret that I have tremendous respect for Joe Public as a business and have become somewhat of a groupie…but that was not why we met. We met to talk about the business of Advertising and Entrepreneurship. Our conversation began, and I immediately jumped to talking about our Company: all the intricacies involved in building a reputable digital agency and where our focus lies. I went on to describe how we are improving processes, our growth trajectory and the challenges of a small agency in the current climate.

Half way into my diatribe, Pepe politely interjected and asked me the very “simple” question: why are we (Maverick Mind) in business? I gave him a half-baked answer: I told him that we are driven by purpose, to create quality work and make our clients supremely happy. The question however, lingered in my mind, haunting me for more than a week. After much thought and introspection, everything became crystal clear: being an entrepreneur is no longer (or was never?) just about narrow economic interests, it is of cultural significance, an endeavour of the human spirit to be the best it can be.

In our harsh economic climate, with a projected economic growth of 1.2 percent for South Africa in 2015, our united job is to create an enabling environment, our job is to create more jobs. Our focus is and should be our clients – growing their businesses, driving results that benefit them and, the economy. We need to produce excellent work. We need to find the smartest solutions. Our deliverables should go beyond private interests. If one grows, we all should grow. Our approach to work is rooted in this passion. As Maverick Mind, we want to be the best we can be.The principle is very simple, in the words of Pepe “If you sell chickens, make sure your chickens are great”.

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