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Akua Koranteng holds an honours degree in Economics from the University of Cape Town (South Africa) and a masters degree in International Finance from the Amsterdam Business School (Holland). Her practical experience has been obtained from working in the Corporate Finance division of the Merrill Lynch office in Johannesburg and working in the Structured Finance-Property Finance division of Rand Merchant Bank office in Johannesburg.

Her current knowledge and understating of the commercial property space and financial industry is indispensable. Akua holds the position of non-executive director on the board of Jones Lange LaSalle (Pty) Ltd and director of Zinza Investments (Pty) Ltd, a Commercial Real Estate advisory and investments company.

Q: What do you enjoy most about what you do?
A: My passion for advising and investing within the Commercial Real Estate industry and being my own boss.

Q: What guided you in this direction? Was it a moment, a series of events?
A: A need for personal growth and defining myself outside of the corporate space.

Q: What online/offline publications do you read to keep up with developments and trends in your industry?
A: Real Estate related content, Financial related content, Africa related content sourced from various providers such as Eprop, SAPOA, Financial Mail, SA Real Estate

Q: What’s the next big thing in your industry?
 A: Capitalising on opportunities outside of South Africa but within the African continent. South Africa is a lot more mature relative to the rest of the continent and as such skills can be used for the benefit of the rest of the continent’s Real Estate aspirations

Q: How has the internet impacted your industry/job?
 A: Facilitated ease of showcasing Zinza Investments service offering within the Real Estate space not only in South Africa but also within parts of West and East Africa. Ease of access to and communication with a broader client base

Q: How are you using social media or other digital tools to connect with your consumers and readers?
A: Regular company related updates via the likes of facebook, twitter and mail-chimp. Traditional email still allows for a more personalised form of communication and individual responses to such.

Q: Do you think digital marketers understand social media or other online tools? What about publishers?
 A: Yes. Yes as both hard and soft copy content are easily available.

Q: What mistakes do companies commonly make when trying to communicate to you using the online space?
A: Communication of info that is at times irrelevant to me. Too much info at times detracting from reviewing entire communication content.

Q: Do you think Digital Marketing is important?
A: Yes it is as its often a quicker and easier way of reaching a wider audience and it also allows for proper categorisation of who to send what to due to follow up interaction (eg tracking who reads what, who clicks on what who responds to what etc)

Q: What advice can you offer businesses or individuals when using digital marketing tools?
A: Keep it short and simple and to the point. Target the right audience with selected content and vice versa. Where more content is required allow for target to request this or be able to access such via an alternate link (link to a full pdf doc for eg).

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