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Bontle Moeng is the Founder and Managing Director for BizNis Africa. BizNis Africa is an independent online trade and investment news website that focuses on Africa’s 3 major business economic sectors – ICT, Mining and Energy.

Moeng has over 12 years working experience in the online media industry, where she was responsible for successfully managing content and social media platforms for leading global brands. She has a strong passion for creating content that engages and grows online users.

Throughout her media career, she has worked as an Online Journalist, Online Marketing Manager, Social Media Community Manager and Online Content Manager for various companies – Media 24, Big Media, eNitiate, Global Interface Consulting and agencies including: City of Joburg,
SAInfo, ITWeb, Starfish Mobile,
ITNewsAfrica, SME South
Africa, AVATAR, Eskom IDM and Eskom 49M.

Moeng holds a BA Journalism Degree from the Midrand Graduate Institute and a Digital Marketing Diploma from the AAA School of Advertising.

Q: What do you enjoy most about what you do?
A: Writing and Researching relevant content to publish on the website. In addition, I enjoy interviewing corporate executives from various African countries. I gain a lot of insight from their experience. The African population has a wealth of knowledge and is filled with very smart professionals.

Q: Did you always want to be an online business magazine publisher?
A: Absolutely. That’s the main reason I studied Journalism in the first place. My plan was not to become a Journalist but to understand the industry and launch my own publication. I’m currently fulfilling my passion and purpose.

Q: When did you realise you wanted to be doing this?
A: In 2010 I attended an MBA on Entrepreneurship workshop at GIBS. As soon as I arrived home I drafted my business idea. BizNis Africa was established that evening.

Q: What online/offline publications do you read to keep up with developments and trends in your industry?
A: I tend to read Ventures Africa, CNBCAfrica, Forbes Africa, ITNewsAfrica, TechCentral, Memeburn, MyBroadband, Mining Weekly, Destiny Connect, Business Day and ITWebAfrica on a daily basis.

Q: What’s the next big thing in your industry?
 A: I think Online Content Strategy Techniques will play a vital role across the industry. It can assist business leaders to make informed decisions regarding the value of their websites to their clients and users.

Q: How has the internet impacted your industry/job?
 A: The Internet has changed the global news reporting process. The manner at which journalists gather relevant news and disseminate it to an audience is quicker than in previous years. The Internet has played a vital role in growing the entire online industry. As a result, there are more online business ventures and social entrepreneurs in the world.

Q: How are you using social media or other digital tools to connect with your consumers and readers?
A: BizNis Africa uses social media to share the latest content, spread breaking news and to engage users on topical ideas.
Do you think digital marketers understand social media? What about publishers?
Digital Marketers have a fair amount of understanding the impact of social media for their business. There are more key trends that they need to consider as the industry is constantly evolving. There is no business that can claim to know everything and be able to provide all the answers.

The industry as a whole thrives on sharing ideas and constantly acquiring new skills.
Online publishers need to get more in-depth understanding of social media. Most online publishers have not embraced or used social media effectively. I am confident that digital marketers and online publisher’s attitude towards social media can change to offer a real return on investment.

Q: What mistakes do companies commonly make when trying to communicate to you via social media?
 A: Most companies assume I will respond immediately. At times I’m caught up with editorial deadlines and tend to get back to them at a later time. Perhaps I need a social media community manager that can look after that aspect of the business.

Q: Apple or Samsung?
 A: Samsung has always been my preferred choice. I just love their product design and apps.

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