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Theresa Vitale GM of IAB SA (been working for IAB since it started back in May 2003 as the OPA, when my interview was conducted via video conference I knew this job would be different and it has been amazing to see the growth not only of the IAB but the industry as a whole.

Q: What do you enjoy most about what you do?
A: The people I work with in the industry and I especially love reading/hearing about startups in the industry!

Q: What guided you in this direction? Was it a moment, a series of events?
A: I have always been involved in media, more on the broadcast side but it was a sort of natural progression towards digital, though at the time of starting at IAB SA (then known as OPA) I really wanted a half day work to focus on my biggest projects in life – my children

Q: What online/offline publications do you read to keep up with developments and trends in your industry?
A: I love business focused magazines (Forbes, Bloomberg & Business Week) I do love the printed editions and being able to page through them (yip I know old school ). Online, my favourites are Techcentral, Ventureburn and Bizcommunity.

Q: What’s the next big thing in your industry?
 A: Augmented Reality

Q: How has the internet impacted your industry/job?
 A: It is amazing an infinite source of any info you require, you can reach anyone (almost) anywhere. Though I must admit I do take time to disconnect and also live in the real world.

Q: How are you using social media or other digital tools to connect with your consumers and readers?
A: Email is the key tool – my direct access to members, IAB steerco and board and everybody who needs any information.

Q: Do you think digital marketers understand social media or other online tools? What about publishers?
 A: I think some do and others just have a social media presence to be there.

Q: What mistakes do companies commonly make when trying to communicate to you using the online space?
A: SMS via email can come across as rude and using twitter to ask questions or complain when one should first try the direct route irks me. It is important to keep in mind the different platforms available if the direct route – email or phone call to someone does not deliver results then by all means go social.

Q: Do you think Digital Marketing is important?
A: Yes, all marketing is important and I think the key is to avoid one dimensional marketing whether it is digital or real world and to rather focus on building relationships.

Q: What advice can you offer businesses or individuals when using digital marketing tools?
A: Stay polite, remember there is a person on the other end, don’t forget to also connect in the real world and be yourself – keep it real.

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