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Tips to Help Generate Leads with Your Email Campaign

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Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways you can use to generate leads for your business, but the truth of the matter is, your email campaign may not strike a chord with most of the recipients, rendering it a pointless exercise. Here are some tips you could use:

  •  A good subject line is a good way to start. A subject line can make or break your campaign – Make sure it isn’t too long but it should give the recipient an indication of what the email is about.
  • Content – Written and visual content is another important aspect to consider, people want to be captivated and so you should ensure that your content is engaging and will add value to the recipient. Also important, you need to add a Call-to-action in your email, get them to sign up or subscribe.
  • Sharing options – If your campaign strikes a chord with the intended recipients, they may feel compelled to pass it onto other people, that is why you should have sharing options, social media integration, so that they may share with their Facebook friends, Twitter followers and so on.
  • Have a landing page – Once the recipient has read the email, you need to have a landing page that has all the information that they may need and may have been omitted from your email. The landing page cannot be different from the email, so it should have the same look and feel, also still offering the same offer that was on the email.